FTZ Inspections

FTZI conducts compliance reviews of Foreign-Trade Zones for Customs or as Customs would.  Each of our staff of former Customs officers, auditors, and members of the trade possess more than fifteen years of experience in FTZs. FTZI can ensure compliance. 

Our FTZI Reviews ensure compliance in four major areas:


Applications, Approvals, Special Procedures, Activation, Procedure Manuals, Desktop Procedures

Physical Security

Buildings, Fences, Lighting, Alarms, Doors

Transaction Traceability

Admissions, Storage, Removals, Unique Identifiers, Entry Docs, Transportation Docs, Proper Signatures

Procedural Security

Documents, ID Cards, Controlled Access, Background Investigations

FTZI conducts on-site training for Customs and for Companies.

FTZI will audit the integrity of your supply chain to ensure the safety and security of your merchandise as it passes from originator, through the forwarder, to the shipper, to the zone and on to the purchaser.